Energy Insecurity Floodstorm Nuclear Nuisance Nuclear Shambles

We could still lose Japan

Hat tip : Peter Sinclair, Climate Crocks–_fukushima_called_’biggest_industrial_catastrophe_in_the_history_of_mankind’_
“16 June 2011 : Full Meltdown: Fukushima Called the ‘Biggest Industrial Catastrophe in the History of Mankind'”
“17 June 2011 : Japan Expands The Fukushima Evacuation Zone Even Further — After 98 Days Of Radiation Exposure”

Meanwhile, in the United States of America :-
“17 June 2011 : Second Nebraska Nuclear Plant Threatened By Flooding”
“15 June 2011 : Airspace Over Flooded Nebraska Nuclear Power Plant Still Closed”
“17 June 2011 : Spiking Conspiracy Theories About Ft. Calhoun Nuclear Power Plant”

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