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Are We Ready for Energy Change ?

Quite a number of visitors at this web log are sceptical of Climate Change Science, and are probably not very convinced by Renewable Energy Technologies, either.

However, to show I’m fair-minded, I’m giving you all the chance to take part in a research survey on the changes we can expect to see in energy in the United Kingdom in the next 20 years :-

Please keep your comments civil, or they will be deleted from the database and won’t count in the statistical analysis !

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Could it be that we need to make democracy, real democracy happen?

Perhaps what we need, maybe all we need, is an adequately functioning democracy, but first ordinary people will have to liberate ourselves from the pernicious, widely shared and consensually validated thinking of a tiny minority in the human community who extol the virtue of greedmongering as good, as an activity to be valued most highly.

Even an enlightened dictator is not a person in whom I could place much faith. We need for duly elected, common people who are chosen by a society to accept the responsibilities and fulfill the duties of leadership by meaningfully embracing democratic principles and eschewing greed, by not “selling out” to greedmongers.

It appears to me that the most arrogant, foolhardy and avaricious, self-proclaimed masters of the universe among us rule the world in our time, and rule it absolutely. This situation is bold evidence of a corruption of democracy, not an example of the reasonable exercise of democratic principles and practices. These circumstances are not only a colossal insult to human beings with feet of clay, but also are a clear and present danger to global biodiversity, Earth’s environs, its limited resources and to a good enough future for the children.

Democracy requires representatives who reject the entreaties and bribes of greedmongers as well as embrace principles and practices that promote long-term well being of ordinary people and not only the short-term desires and fantasies of masters of the universe.

Well the Greens did well in the Irish election!

Lost eveyone of their 6 seats.

That’s six “masters of the universe” fanatasies scuppered then.

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