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Shallow Waters versus SunShot

“07 February 2011 : Energy Department Launches SunShot Initiative for Solar Power : The U.S. Department of Energy announced an initiative that aims to reduce the total costs of photovoltaic solar energy systems by about 75% over the next decade.”

“If successful, the so-called SunShot initiative would help make large scale solar cost-competitive with other forms of energy – without subsidies – by 2020.”

“…The SunShot program builds on the legacy of President Kennedy’s 1960s “moon shot” goal, which laid out a plan to regain the country’s lead in the space race and land a man on the moon. The program aims to aggressively drive innovations in the ways that solar systems are conceived, designed, manufactured and installed.”

“”America is in a world race to produce cost-effective, quality photovoltaics. The SunShot initiative will spur American innovations to reduce the costs of solar energy and re-establish U.S. global leadership in this growing industry,” said Energy Secretary Steven Chu…”

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