Coal Hell Global Warming

Mini Hockey Sticks (5)

This new data shows unequivocal evidence of a statistically significant rising trend…

…in the last 12 months of Future Front Month C contracts for ICE Brent Crude Petroleum Oil.

It looks surprisingly similar to the last 60 years of global average temperatures, except the trend in temperatures is steeper :-

Most people looking at the rising price of Brent Crude would be able to work out that there are driving forces.

Surely there cannot be anybody left in the room who believes the global temperature record doesn’t have an underlying driving force (or several) ?

And what does the price of a gallon of gasoline have to do with Climate Change ?

Rapid changes in the price of fossil fuel energy will make it virtually impossible to control the use of fossil fuel energy using special economic policy instruments such as taxes, levies, or quota systems – the changing cost of “conventional” energy resources will completely obscure the signal of carbon pricing or renewable energy incentives :-

Economic incentives may not be the way to lower carbon emissions so… :-

…we may have to resort to brute regulation :-

Goodbye carrot world. Say hello to the urgent sticks of necessity.

…Meanwhile, the popular movement against coal is growing…

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It will require Europeans to co-operate, to learn from each other and to
invest in, research and develop market ready
solar vacuum tubes Energy facilities around the world.

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