Global Singeing Global Warming Regulatory Ultimatum

December was cold

December 2010 was cold, wasn’t it ? Until then it looked like we were heading for some sort of record global temperature average…We did ? You mean to say 2010 as a whole tied for the hottest ever year ever in recorded instrumental data on Earth, ever ?

What about all those Internet posts about the global temperature cooling since 1998, or 2001 ? They can’t all be wrong, can they ? It’s so easy to fabricate with statistics – line graphs can be misleading. What does the Blob Chart say ? :-

No, it’s data from a Government Agency. We can’t trust data from a Government Agency, can we ? We all know the NASA Space Program was about keeping brilliant people occupied with national vanity projects. All that head spinning. We can’t believe anything they say, surely ? Somebody must have messed up here – somebody must be lying or fiddling the figures ?

I mean, if the global temperatures were really this high, and rising so consistently, the governments of the world would be taking serious measures to keep the planet cool, wouldn’t they ? Oh, but we can’t trust the governments, can we ?

We can probably take the following message home : the planet’s frying, but nobody’s organised enough to put out the fire.

Questions of the day : when does “soft” power on Climate Change get converted to “hard” power ? When do trade agreements get swapped for trade wars ? When do voluntary measures become mandatory dictates ? Which multinational fossil fuel energy company starts squirming as they realise their business domination is about to be terminated by geophysical realities ? Which OPEC country first issues a statement on future renewable energy directions ? Which nation or international organisation is most likely to start setting the rules and regulations on carbon dioxide emissions ? And how will they keep us all on the straight and narrow ? Will China really set emissions limits at home ? And which NASA satellites will be used to check that they mean what they say ?

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