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The Guardian : Comment is Feeble

I made the mistake of attempting to contribute to the discussion following Andrew Montford’s “right of reply” to Bob Ward – and backed away from the keyboard when I found my very innocent comments being removed by the Moderator.

I wasn’t rude. I wasn’t nasty. I didn’t use any bad words. What is wrong with The Guardian’s Comment is Free ? It’s not free, that’s what.

If The Guardian want to have productive, open discussion on Comment is Free, they need to make sure that people who are genuinely trying to contribute relevant information get the platform. Otherwise it’s just a waste of space. I won’t be contributing to The Guardian Comment is Free discussions in future, and I’d advise you not to, either.

Example 1

“MartinFulbright : 10 September 2010 11:33PM : @joabbess : I ask this this with all humility because I avoid answering it myself…But have you ever used calculus in a working way?”

“joabbess : 10 September 2010 11:47PM : @MartinFulbright : It’s a while since I did any serious Mathematics. I claim that the recent sharp rise in global temperatures is problematic. To try to explain what I mean, here is something that should be be relatively straightforward for you :-

Example 2

“mpaul : 11 September 2010 12:28AM : I think it’s abusive that the Guardian would hold Andrew’s response to Bob’s comment above in moderation for so long. Free the comment!”

“joabbess : 11 September 2010 12:50AM : @mpaul : I don’t think that Andrew Montford’s comments will add much to universal accord or understanding on the subject of Global Warming. Free the science ! :- : Environ. Res. Lett. 5 (July-September 2010) 034008 : doi:10.1088/1748-9326/5/3/034008 : Top-down solar modulation of climate: evidence for centennial-scale change : M Lockwood, C Bell, T Woollings, R G Harrison, L J Gray and J D Haigh”

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Jo, we’re on opposite sides of the climate debate, but I agree, the Guardian moderation is bizarre. There was nothing in either of your comments that should have led to them being removed – considering some of the nastiness that does make it through, I find this baffling.

hi, for brevity lets say I’m a fellow traveller and grateful to receive your rss feed..

are cif at the guardian taking any comment on this RoR.? to my reading they have issued a disclaimer of any intent as a ‘hit’ vehicle and it makes sense to assert no more upon the matter.

That said I’d have to say that Montford’s response is too much in the M&M of old mold. Or rather in respect of their earlier (and doubtless present if distant) cross-Atlantic supporters.

Plus he does have trouble differentiating fact from belief.. which can woefully screw up truth. The no bet. we might say.


comments have taken an age to come in this end (nz) from the guardian.. kindly excuse/amend my earlier words on this aspect.. best

Oh the innocence/irony/hypocracy

When I complained about being deleted/moderated censored at Real CLimate and the Guardain, you defended them, on your blog…

Yet, I was much less controversial than you….

In your comments above, that were deleted at CIF…

You were defending , the guardian, for moderating Andrew Montford’s comments – the actual article’s author, not being allowed to comment at Cif.

Do you not see the irony of your comments (hypocracy even) when you go off in a huff, when you are moderated?

Welcome to the world of media manipulation, and the public’s questions being ignored for the editors/journalists own agenda.

As George Monbiot – Campaign Against Climate Change (hon president) writes for and has a blog at the Guardian…

Why don’t you ask him what is going on….

Ask him and James Randerson, for me as well, and Bishop Hill.

Cif, in the age of blogs, internet, is just looking increasingly foolish with it’s moderation behaviour..

Perhaps, you can see where I am coming from…
I managed to get deleted/blocked/moderated at the BBC, Cif, THE Blue blog (tory party) AND labour list, all in the same week…

They, just don’t like the public, do they…

Or has the Campaign Against Climate Chane/Guardian just considered all the commited activists, an historic quote, as ‘useful idiots’

I’m not sure why Bob Ward (and Fiona Fox) get so upsetby man made climate change sceptics/deniars…

After all

EXXONMobil help pay the salaries of the Science and Media Centre…

Fiona Fox – Director – Science and Media Centre
Bob Ward on the board.

Wonder if they tell their ‘climate change’ activist chums…


YEP, the big oil denial machine supposed leader, climate change activists (and Sir John houghton.s) favourite love to hate, fossil fuel climate change denying, oil company…


Have to laugh really.. also


as are:

Met Office
Department of Energy and Climate Change

and many more…(News International, Times, etc)
All contributing to Fiona’s salary….Bob’s as well (renumeration for board members or just expenses?)

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