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Michael Mann : “Careless, Inappropriate”

The strongest ever professional criticism so far levelled at Michael Mann, a climatologist at Pennsylvania State University, has emerged this week.

A formal investigation into his research conduct found that his treatment of other scientists’ unpublished work was “careless and inappropriate” :-

“The Investigatory Committee considers Dr. Mann’s actions in sharing unpublished manuscripts with third parties, without first having received express consent from the authors of such manuscripts, to be careless and inappropriate. While sharing an unpublished manuscript on the basis of the author’s implied consent may be an acceptable practice in the judgment of some individuals, the Investigatory Committee believes the best practice in this regard is to obtain express consent from the author before sharing an unpublished manuscript with third parties.”

So, in this mad, rushed world of Climate Change science, where we are trying to discover, collate and analyse all the information we can in a terribly hurry, where we work together across a range of institutions and organisations, people are sometimes forgetting to get somebody’s express permission for sharing work.

That’s no crime.

But what about the science ?

It’s fine.

Yes, that’s right. The Hockey Stick is a highly accurate representation of the sharp rise in global surface temperatures on Earth.

Anybody who says otherwise is merely delaying the full facts reaching the public mind.

It makes me wonder what strategy the Climate Change denier-delayer-sceptics will use next to hold up the scientific research. Will they try tabloid newspaper sting or smear tactics ? They’ve already tried to take down Al Gore recently with a dirty laundry story, but “personal lives” mud won’t stick. Would anybody be stupid enough to offer a Climate Change scientist a large sum of money under the table to fudge the evidence, or lean on a report outcome ? Would anybody be stupid enough to receive it ? Everybody should be on the look-out for possible malfeasance traps.

For a deeper analysis of the Hockey Stick and analysis graphs, go here :-

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