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The Year of Unceasing Rain

Long before the world recovers from one major extreme weather disaster, another has started :-

It’s time to stop thinking in terms of discrete events, and start looking at the synergy of these bouts of excessive precipitation.

Changes in the patterns of heavy rainfall are turning into a rolling disaster, on and on.

Newshounds look for survival stories, tales of recovery. But what if flooding comes repeatedly, year after year, season after season, every couple of years after every couple of years ? If there’s no “getting over it all”, or “getting back to normal”, will the mainstream media have to readjust their spectacles ?

Will Cockermouth be hit by flooding again this year ? It was flooded in 2009 :-
It was also flooded in 2005 :-
Will the only tourism in future be by those intrigued by disasters ? :-

A short catalogue of unruly, miscreant rain in 2010 :-

March 2010, Massachussetts, United States of America :-

1 – 3 May 2010, Nashville, Tennessee

late May 2010, Poland

16 June 2010, Southern France

mid-June 2010, North East Brazil

It happened last year 2009, too, in Brazil :-

early June 2010, Logan Country, West Virginia :-

mid-June 2010, Bosnia

mid-June 2010, China

20 June 2010, Indiana, United States of America

20 June 2010, Ghana, Africa

23 June 2010, Chicago, United States of America. Tornado :-,CST-NWS-storm24.article

24 June 2010, Gebze, Turkey

24 June 2010, Istanbul, Turkey

24 June 2010, West Rajasthan, India
“Interestingly, the maximum surplus rain (+214 per cent) is shown as
having been recorded in western Rajasthan, where the monsoon is yet to set in.”

24 June 2010, South China

24 June 2010, Jamaica, Caribbean

late June 2010, China

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