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Paleo Lorraine

A very intriguing study from Lorraine Lisiecki, published as a Letter in Nature Geoscience, researching the Milankovitch-sourced theories, and hinting that messing with the natural Climate cycle could have very serious consequences, shaking up five million years of progress, through feedbacks, towards relative Climate calm :-

Outline and Abstract :-
“Links between eccentricity forcing and the 100,000-year glacial cycle : Lorraine E. Lisiecki”

Supplementary Information :-

And yes, it’s quite hard to understand her work at first reading, so she’s taken the trouble to produce helpful educational material, to help with communications :-

Journalists don’t need to read the research workings – the details of the research are given for peers in the field to be able to assess her work.

Journalists do need to read around the subject, however, to be able to comment on what her work means for Climate Change Science.

One reply on “Paleo Lorraine”

Dear Jo abess and Lorraine Lisiecki,

I can accept as a given that you both understand science and the issue here that is being written about. I also feel you sincerely want to be understood. Those who are not in your field, but reasonably well educated would still stumble over the wording in the site: .

I suggest that the more ‘foreign’ the material being written about, the more help the reader needs. When preparing consent forms for clinical research, the investigator must submit the form to approved review boards whose job it is to get the writer to compose something truly understood by the intended audience.

It is a skill in itself apparently, because brilliant people have trouble with this kind of ‘dumbing’ down communication.

I think your intentions are the best. I am putting out a big journal wish to the public as well as you to come up with a board that can help prepare this kind of communication.

Thank you for caring about us,

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