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James Delingpole : Cruel Jester

Count it all joy, my brothers and sisters (and those who are hermaphrodite, or in other ways gender-alternative) when you face trials and tribulations of many kinds, from those who have not recognised in you the Light, the Truth and the Way.

James Delingpole is doing his very best-worst to be annoying, or even insulting, I’m not sure, by levelling some personally negative comments towards me. But I have responded in friendliness and lovingkindness, although I might get moderated off the comments page, so I’ve included my words here :-

Hello Boys !

(Please note : I do realise I am making a *huge* assumption here that you are predominantly male, so I do hope you can find it within yourselves to forgive me if you are female, or hormonally or chromosomally crossed, or transgender, or something.)

I would like to question dirlada’s statement that “Jo Abbess BSc is nasty piece of work”. I have several very fine and lovely friends and family members who think otherwise. I know, you do not know me personally, and it could be easy to think I am not very nice, especially when I disagree with you. I can forgive you for that, if you are willing to reconsider your personal attack. Please take it back. It could bring disharmony to your soul to be so negative about somebody you have never even met, and about whom you have exercised such negative prejudice.

I do wish James, dear James, did not allow such disparaging remarks to be published about me. It’s just not fair (pout). (By the by, even when pouting I do not think I resemble Rosa Klebb, or even Edna Welthorpe.)

It is not fair for James to be so negative about me. James Delingpole has a well-thumbed Daily Telegraph blog and I, humble I, have a little website where I write about my journey in getting to know and understand the Science of Climate Change and the communication of said Science of Climate Change.

I hardly think he need waste his energy on (apparently) accusing me of being “shrill, vicious and full of almost deranged actually, scrub that almost – hatred?” He does not need to attack my reputation, for I have none. I am a low-ranking little bloggiste, hardly fit for scorn.

I am quite generous, tolerant and I love a good laugh, even at myself (if it’s warranted, but not otherwise of course – there are limits). Yet, I am obliged to be serious about Science, you know, the aforementioned Science of Climate Change. And apart from April Fools day articles, RealClimate maintains a serious and balanced approach, and even permits dialogue in post comments (whilst moderating out outright ranting), which is why it has been useful to contribute.

James, love, have you read any of the IPCC Fourth Assessment Report ? Do you understand what it is you are attempting to debunk ? Do you have the language of Science ? Do you know how to collect data and analyse trends ? (Sorry if you think I am being over-familiar or patronising. That is not what I meant, at all. I am asking genuine questions, perhaps slightly rhetorically.)

Maybe you would like to talk to me about how to acquire this knowledge, if you have none ? I am not “Vicious horribleness” in my “natural tone of discourse” – that’s just the way you are incorrectly interpreting it – so I’m quite easy to converse with, on the whole.

Of course I sometimes get a little irritated, or tense, we all do, it’s part of being human. But at RealClimate the other day I was plainspeaking, not nasty, and I was even attempting to offer a bridge to the Science for journalists. I offered my time and skills and knowledge, entirely for free, to facilitate workshops for journalists on the above-noted Science of Climate Change.

I am at your service, Mr Delingpole, should you wish to start the voyage of discovery into the previously referenced Science of Climate Change. That’s a genuine offer, made in a spirit of open enquiry and exchange, man to man (well, person to person; or European to European (if you believe in that)).

The RealClimate web log post of concern, where I think you’ll see I have been reasonable and collaborative, if critical of The Guardian’s position :-

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