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Gravity Causes Global Warming

Oh yes, it does !

Without gravity, that strange attractive force that keeps chunks of solid matter, and even gas, falling towards each other, there would be no Atmosphere to speak of, because all the little Carbon Dioxide molecules, and Methane molecules and all the other little Greenhouse Effect Gases would all zither and wiggle off into Space and there would be no radiation trapping and no extra heating of the Earth’s surface.

There would be nothing to breathe or exhale, there would be no life, no fish, no trees, no puppy dogs, no lichen, no sunflowers, no Polar Bears, no humankind or human-unkind and all the injustices of History would just not have happened.

Mind you, if there were no gravity, imagine ! There would be no spinning around the Sun and no accretion of planets, so the Earth wouldn’t be here, either. And nor would the Sun. In fact, there wouldn’t be much of anything that we could call a Galaxy, if we were there, which we’re not.

And so you see, QED, quad erat demonstrandum, gravity causes Global Warming.

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The “Global Warming” to which you refer is a natural part of the everyday process. What you have said trivializes the concern over the polluting of our environment. Your comments are about like saying “Without life there would be no death, therefore, life causes death” or possibly ” If you want to go on living then you’ll just have to put up with the agonizing pain of Cancer because after-all, it’s part of life.” No wonder you have asked us to keep our responses clean.

You might be surprised tolearn that gravity DOES cause climate change. The chamges in Potential Energy that occur when the Earth moves closer to or further away from planets like Jupiter, Saturn and Venus CAUSE variations over several years, in cycles that can be calculated from the orbits…. BECAUSE energy must be conserved. A Loss of Potential Energy MUST turn into Kinetic Energy (ie heat) in every molecule on, inside and above the planet. See

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