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Earth Hour 2010

Earth Hour 2010 will be on Saturday 27 March 2010 20:30 8.30pm everywhere

Being involved in a collective effort may yet help the human race overcome its problem with excessive emissions.

It will look like the United Nations’ Climate Change Conferences, yet it will be an standing session, not just one fortnight a year. And it will be distributed over the entire world, not just in one location. And it will involve a whole lot more people than just official national delegates.

Help start the process by taking part in a token gesture of support for a cleaner, greener, cooler Earth : switch everything off for an hour on Saturday 27 March 2010, starting at 8.30pm 20:30 where you are, in your time zone :-

Remember, small gestures can be significant, momentous, even spiritual, if everybody gets involved.

Human psychology dictates : if one Coal-burning power plant is still in operation anywhere on the planet, then this gives permission for other Coal-burning power plants to carry on chugging. If one Oil and Gas company still insists on not moving out of Carbon Fuels into Zero Carbon Energy, then all Oil and Gas companies will continue to resist deCarbonisation.

We all have to make the Low Carbon Transition, all together, or it won’t happen at all. We have, collectively, too much invested in dirty Energy to have a piecemeal, bit-by-bit deCarbonisation of a significant scale :-

Instead of the United Nations agreeing around the Copenhagen “Accord” with its target of limiting Earth’s temperature rise to two degrees Celsius, we should have the 192 countries agreeing to retire certain technologies, together : halting Coal-burning being the number one thing we could do to cut emissions, virtually tomorrow.

Yeah, some Coal-digging companies will lose out. And their shareholders will lose out. And some people will lose fortunes.

But cutting out Coal is an inevitable step in the race to prevent Global Warming, and we should all expect it. Carbon Capture and Storage technology won’t be ready quickly enough or cheaply enough or widely enough to prevent the World deciding to cut the Coal. Coal-digging companies had better get used to the idea that their businesses are not sustainable and start diversifying out of Coal, today.

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we always join the Earth Hour because it is one of the ways that you can show your support on the environment

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