Climate Change Media

Gaps In The Evidence

Two pieces of Global Warming evidence : it’s been rather cold in the USA of late…but then it’s been rather warm (and wet) in Australia :-

“Record Heat and Flooding for Australia : Mar 3, 2010 : Perth, Australia, has experienced one of its hottest and driest [Southern Hemisphere, lasting from December to February] summers on record. Since November, temperatures have averaged nearly 5 degrees F (3 degrees C) above normal. The latest in a series of heat waves began on Feb. 25 and has persisted through Monday. High temperatures were no lower than 98 degrees F (36.4 degrees C) and has been as hot as 107 degrees F (41.5 degrees C) during this period…”

And do you see an analysis of this in the American and British Press ? No. You get continual jokes about “Snowmageddon”. Gaps in the evidence like this in the Media are preventing the ordinary citizens from appreciating the scale of the problems we potentially face.

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