Climate Change Regulatory Ultimatum

The Great Coal Bailout

As predicted in some parts, the Coal-burning electricity generation sector is going to get a bailout, to the (hope you’re sitting down) tune of milliions, no, billions :-

“Coal-fired power to win carbon capture grants By Fiona Harvey and Ed Crooks : Published: March 2 2010 : Two coal-fired power plants, including Eon’s controversial Kingsnorth project, are to be given government support that could be worth tens of millions of pounds to develop technology for storing carbon dioxide emissions, the Financial Times has learnt…Although much of the technology needed to capture carbon dioxide from power plants and store it underground is already available, there are questions over whether it can be developed for widespread use, and over its expense. A provision of the energy bill passing through parliament would allow for a levy on consumer bills to pay to install the technology. The levy could raise £9.5bn, Ed Miliband, the secretary of state for energy and climate change, said. CCS development would “require the right combination of private sector and government investment”, he added…”

So, Carbon Capture and Storage is not fully tested, and will take a long time to be sure it can be implemented. Meantime, all that Coal is being burned to make electron juice, and the emissions are fouling up the skies, locally and globally warmingly.

It’s time we put our collective foot down, loudly, and demanded an end to Coal combustion.

It’s 19th Century dirty, smoking technology, and we really have to give it up.

In other news…Members of Parliament have refused to regulate Greenhouse Gas Emissions from the major power plants in the UK. What a sorry, sorry mess :-

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