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James Delingpole : Following The Money

What makes James Delingpole tick ? Why does he take up such an unsupportable position ? Why is he prepared to risk appearing completely absurd ?

I have been rubbing my chin and hmmming quietly to myself, as I to try to understand it, and I think I might have a thread of an idea : money, or rather, the use of money…

Here is a short, very polite enquiry note I have written to him using his online contact form :-

Dear James,

I am researching a short article on the possible relationships between financial investments and politics in the Media.

It occurs to me that not only do journalists follow the whims and wiles of their editors, who follow the foibles and fetishes of those who own their media vehicle, and those who advertise in their media; but that journalists may have personal investments, in say, pension funds, estates or businesses that may affect their public pronouncements.

Would you, James Delingpole, be prepared to go on the record about where you keep your money ?

Would you be willing to say publicly whose pension fund(s) you are relying on, and which kind of investments you are prepared to accept in making returns on that capital ?

Is your money ethically invested ? Do you take into account the risks and opportunities of fluctuating conditions when you decide your investments ? Do you follow future projections when making your financial decisions ?

Would you be willing to declare your interests in business and your professional associations ?

Would you be ready to admit which investments you have made, in order that I may ascertain whether this might influence your attitudes and opinions ?

You have the privilege of a very wide readership, and thus an influential platform from which to lead opinion, and so I feel it is important to discover whether your professed political positioning may relate to how you use your money.

Can you, hand on honest heart, declare that your writing is independent of your money, and that your politics is free from the influence of your investments ?

Inquisitively yours,

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Jo, it doesn’t matter how much you stalk James Delingpole, he isn’t going to fall madly in love with you and give you a baby.

Glad to see you’re playing into the hands of the wealthy carbon traders. Al Gore must love people like you: he counts his millions and millions of dollars and sits on the board of Apple while you…well act like I’d expect from someone with a huge passively aggressive ego.

How on earth can it be an “unsupportable position”???? Where have you been for the last few months, scandal after scandal with the scam that is AGW.

Surely it is more finacially viable to support AGW with all the money being pumped into it by world governments, than be against it. Scientists have their funding withdrawn if they don’t support the man made rubbish.

I trust that everyone who posts adverse comments on this blog is aware that their names are going into a little black book and that they will be marched in front of a wall and shot come the climate change revolution.

Jo, you are a treasure, not at all insane.


I’m from a working class background and believe in climate change because it always has. Whether those piddling amounts of human created Co2 in atmosphere have a miniscule affect on our climate I don’t really care. For all of our human use of fossil fuel has transformed humanity beyond the wildest imaginations of our great great great granparents. I’m not saying its all hunky dory but its far better than at any other time in human history and for that we thank capitalism and fossil fuel.

I do not get any pay from big oil but I do use petrol as you do. Our biggest concerns should be over population and fundamentalsim not AGW.

Mr Kemp can only hope that you are being sarcastic …otherwise ..i hope Mi5/6 are watching you and your ilk …

Robert Kemp, PhD, Feb. 11th, 2010, at 00:15

“I trust that everyone who posts adverse comments on this blog is aware that their names are going into a little black book and that they will be marched in front of a wall and shot come the climate change revolution.”

Spoken like a true Soviet apparatchik, Robert – so much for rational and scholarly debate.

However, your assumption that AGW ‘deniers’ will meekly submit to summary execution may be unwise. Remember the old Russian saying; “Before you start skinning the bear – make VERY sure he’s dead . . . ”

But thank you for the advance notice. I promise you a warm welcome if you turn up on my doorstep, with your little black book in hand, and the firing squad in attendance.

I think there is a little bit of the other ‘green,’ you know, envy with Jo. Is there a secret admiration for James Delingpole beneath Jo’s attacks on him?

The vast majority of geologists tell us there is nothing unusual about the 20th century. Climate is changing, climate has always changed and will continue to change with or without the miniscule effect of human emissions.

Interestingly there is another Jo, Dr Joanne Simpson, the first woman to gain a PhD in meteorology and an eminent scientist. Her comment

Dr. Joanne Simpson, (Atmospheric Scientist) first woman to receive a PhD in meteorology, formerly of NASA, has authored more than 190 studies and has been called “among the most preeminent scientists of the last 100 years.” In a public letter on February 27, 2008, Dr. Simpson stated:

“Since I am no longer affiliated with any organization nor receiving any funding, I can speak quite frankly. The main basis of the claim that man’s release of greenhouse gases is the cause of the warming is based almost entirely upon climate models. We all know the frailty of models concerning the air-surface system. We only need to watch the weather forecasts.”

“As a scientist I remain skeptical.”

I think Jo Simpson PhD has you at a slight disadvantage JoJo BSc in qualifications and experience.

Oh dear Jo, you have opened yourself up to quite a lot of abuse I’m afraid – Mr Delingpole’s blog is the refuge that will take the scoundrels after they’ve been refused entry to patriotism for abusing the doorman, I rest my case with B******* S******* ‘s comment.

Good luck with your pursuit of The ‘Polegate, although I fear it will be to little avail. This is a man whose idea of a wet dream is driving a tank at the Siege of Stalingrad.

In my opinion he needs professional help

Peace & love

Dear Jo,

What a wonderful idea. Indeed I believe that financial interests drives the coverage of the climate issue.

In particular, the BBC, which has been an unwavering advocate for alarm, is now under investigation:

You see Jo, the BBC has the privilege of a very wide audience, and thus an influential platform from which to lead opinion, and so I feel it is important to discover whether the BBC’s professed political positioning may relate to how they use their (i.e., the british public’s) money.

Dear Jo,

Please keep an open mind on all of this – the science behind mad made global warming is not proven. Also the lack of rigor behind how the science has been done and the lack of respect given to maintaining original data should be a clear warning sign that there has been a drive to ‘prove’ man made warming at all costs…

See my weblink for an article that goes into some depth on this point.

Keith (PhD BSc Hons)

Follow the money eh!

I hope we are able to. I really do!!

Just think what all that grant money paid for by the taxpayer COULD have bought if it were not wasted on the excesses of arrogant fools whose only skill was to spin the true facts to within an inch of credibility. And then run a school for bullies and spin doctors to protect their position.

It will all come out – only a matter of time.

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