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Dominic Lawson : Sussex Farmhouse

Once again, Dominic Lawson fails to realise that many of his readers will simply not connect with him :-

Only a very marginally low proportion of the British population can identify with, or only hope to aspire to, his perilous predicament.

Stuck down a snowy country lane and running out of heating oil ? Look, mate, you can afford to live in a “Sussex farmhouse”. Isn’t it about time you took your finger out and wrote a fat cheque to get connected to the gas mains ?

The “unequal struggle” of which he writes is tiny compared to the “unequal struggle” faced by thousands upon increasing thousands of the nation’s poor, who live in Fuel Poverty thanks to his opposition to Free and Abundant Renewable Energy, able to provide so much more than he scornfully denies :-

“..The vast programme of wind turbines for which the bills are now coming in will not, by the way, avert the energy cut-offs declared last week by the national grid. Quite the opposite: as is often the case, the recent icy temperatures have been accompanied by negligible amounts of wind. If we had already decommissioned any of our fossil-fuel power stations and replaced them with wind power, we would now be facing a genuine civil emergency rather than merely inconvenience…”

If he’s running low on heat – let him eat coke. He could make it himself in his massive country estate woods, surely ?

Insisting that Global Warming isn’t happening is just so past-tense of him. It’s time he moved on. Climate is not the same as Weather, as we have to say repeatedly. Let him consider this matter again if we have the possible projected Massive Summer Heatwave :-

“A period of humility and even silence would be particularly welcome from the Met Office, our leading institutional advocate of the perils of man-made global warming, which had promised a “barbecue summer” in 2009 and one of the “warmest winters on record”…After reading this I printed it off and ran out into the snow to show it to my wife, who for some minutes had been unavailingly pounding up and down on our animals’ trough to break the ice. She seemed a bit miserable and, I thought, needed cheering up. “Darling,” I said, “the Met Office still insists that we are enjoying an unseasonably warm winter.” “Well, why don’t you tell the animals, too?” she said. “Because that would mean they are drinking water instead of staring at a block of ice and I am not jumping up and down on it in front of them like an idiot.” “

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