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Threats From American Zealots

The great thing (not) about trying to get a higher profile for Climate Change is receiving threats, intimidation, criticism and personal abuse by e-mail and in the Comments on this web log. It really gives me joy and confidence (yeah, right) in the humanity of man.

Today I received an interesting little communication that appears to be threatening legal action for having exchanged in e-mail correspondence with Roger Harrabin, a reporter at the BBC.

It suggests that I should recant and repent for having tried to promote Climate Change Science.

It instructs me that Climate Change Science is fraudulent. Oops ! I hadn’t realised ! And there was I relying on the last 120 years of Global Warming Theory and empirical evidence, thinking I was on very firm ground !

Was this communication supposed to instill fear or panic in me ? Sorry to say, Melvin, fan of Glenn Beck, even with your (purported) 75 million denier pack baying in the background, you don’t impress me, much.

In the United Kingdom, this kind of e-mail harrassment is known as “hate crime” and we have laws here to make sure that things like this get stopped.

From : Melvin Stump (
Subject : Roger Harrabin


I saw the Glenn Beck video just now. I don’t know how old it is, but I am assuming it came out around the time of the BBC article by Roger Harrabin.

I must say it is disturbing to see this kind of thing going on. In the shadow of the leaked emails you must feel pretty stupid about now.

Glen Beck’s portrayal of you shows that you engaged in exactly the kind of behavior that we are now seeking to prosecute people for.

Have you subsequently released a recanting of your position? I would imagine you have done so. It is very clear now that what was going on was more to do with social engineering than climate change. If it weren’t for those emails, the criminals may have been successful for a lot longer. But today it is a different story. There about 75 million of us connected around with world, with multiple redundant datasets pertaining to this mess. We will be prosecuting every single one we can find that knowingly contributed, aided or abetted the fraud. That list includes individuals, corporations, media, and governments. It would behoove you to align yourself quickly with the real science behind this. A man your age can’t afford this kind of hit so late in life.

Melvin Stump
Bellingham, WA

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Ooops, “…a man of your age”. Good to see someone did some basic fact checking before they started writing.

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