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British Sea Power Supergrid

“Supergrid”. Sounds a bit 1986-ish, really. But it could save Europe from industrial collapse as Carbon restrictions start to bite.

“Sun, wind and wave-powered: Europe unites to build renewable energy ‘supergrid’ : North Sea countries plan vast clean energy project : €30bn scheme could offer weather-proof supply : Alok Jha : : Sunday 3 January 2010”

How much land do Renewable Energy technologies take up ?

DESERTEC puts red squares in the desert :-

David MacKay says the red squares are too small :-

The Daily Telegraph mis-quotes the Claverton Energy Research Group :-

Claverton Energy associate Dr Gregor Czisch has used up vast amounts of computing power to prove that a European Supergrid can really work, and give cheap, cheap juice :-,2144,2105061,00.html

British Business complains that they’re not getting a fair bite at the investment apple :-

The North Americans want to do supergrids too. They have to renovate their electricity infrastructure much like the Europeans do. What better than to go green in the process :-

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