Climate Change Energy Revival Pet Peeves

Time to Care

It’s time that we all cared about what is happening to Life on Earth. Nobody in an alien spacecraft is going to come crashing through the clouds to save us with miraculous Energy technologies, or brand new Chemistry that beats the Laws of Physics to capture Carbon Dioxide right out of the air in the amounts we are emitting it.

Oh yes, there are waves of spiritual energy spilling to and fro, as people become enthused, disappointed and then re-energised again, to find out what it is that they personally can actually do to stop the Climate Change crisis. We all need rejuvenation and inspiration.

It’s not about doing better or being better – no one person can hold that kind of guilt inside. Remember – Climate Change is not your fault. If the Energy companies had diversified out of Fossil Fuels by now, there wouldn’t be a problem. They had their chance, a long time ago, to fix up and get moving (although you can forget the bit about Coal – too dirty) :-

What we need now is convergent leadership, all leaders at all levels, in all sectors, and all countries, to step forward and make firm decisions. We need the governments of the world to engage the corporations, the companies, in constructive discussions about the future of Energy, informing them of what is expected from responsible directorship.

We need heaps more public information and science education.

And above all, we need a vision of a world where Energy is not made from burning things, where Energy does not cause Global Warming.

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