Energy Revival Pet Peeves

Speak Freely, Children

Lots of shouting young people clamouring for Green Energy “in the USA” in Copenhagen. How sweet and cheerful ! Let the Free Speech continue, children, even if someone steals your banner :-

Going Clean and Green for Energy need not cost the Earth. We can afford it. Seriously. Don’t listen to those complaining that the Low Carbon Transition will cost an arm and a leg. They don’t know, and they’re wrong :-

And don’t listen to those people who keep trying to make you despair about wind turbines. They say that wind turbines don’t work very well; that they break down; that they’re noisy. They are reading the wrong sources and have become permanently disavowed. But wind power’s great; and people are investing heavily, like they would with anything that offers such a short payback period to get a return on investment :-

Spain’s getting some excellent percentages from wind :-

And Texas too :-

In the period to 2050, the International Energy Agency says the world has to spend trillions of US Dollars on renovating and replacing Energy infrastructure; Energy infrastructure that has fallen into disrepair because privatised energy companies are not willing to upset their shareholders by spending capital on investment.

Some of those trillions are projected to be needed for expensive Carbon Emissions Mitigation projects such as Carbon Capture and Storage, and New Nuclear. But we don’t need to go down those expensive, slow and ultimately wasteful routes :-

There has to be a way to divert the next 10 trillion or so Euros of Energy spend in Europe on Renewables instead of anything with a limited shelf life (like anything to do with Fossil Fuels; or anything with a long lead time, like Nuclear power).

Renewable Energy is hot : power from free wind, free sunrays, free waves, all good :-

Some notes on the Americans for Prosperity and whatever they might have been attempting to do at the Copenhagen Climate Talks with their “Hot Air Tour”. The Americans for Prosperity are strongly associated with Climate Change deniers :-

This is their own video of the event where young protesters gatecrashed. Notice anything missing ?

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