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My God Is Bigger Than Your God

My God made the World. From my point of view. From your point of view, your God (if you have a God), made the World. If you don’t believe in any Higher Power, then you make the World, as you learn about it and gain understanding.

Roger Helmer MEP, bless his holey cotton socks, has accused the Church of England of having “abandoned” the Faith, by espousing concern about Global Warming :-

Oh come on, Roger ! Get with the programme. The Science programme. You know how the Holy Church of Rome denied that the Earth was round and not the Centre of the Universe ? Then when the Science finally got a look in, they recanted.

The Science does sometimes take a while to sink in, but eventually it does. One of these days the number of Evangelical Protestants who insist that the Earth is only 6,000 years or so old will dip to zero.

Climate Change : the Science is comparatively young, and has fuzzy edges, but the core facts are clear. The Church leaders have been convinced that Anthropogenic Global Warming is certain and serious enough to make public statements.

Some parts of their flock don’t quite get it yet, but the Church corporate is on the ball. As for the public resistance on Climate Change, I blame the Media for not spelling it out. I blame the journalists for fence-sitting and not going on study courses to find out the facts. I blame their editors and the newspaper proprietors for having their hands firmly stuffed in the Fossil Fuel cookie jars.

As a young person, I was sometimes ostracised by my Christian peers, my Brothers and Sisters, for studying Science. I’ve always been able to square my God with my Science. There is no conflict.

In fact, Science teaches me things that makes my God bigger than your God. Not “bigger” as in “more competitive”, but “bigger” as in “generous”. I think he’s willing to forgive the poverty and errors of our understanding. He’s also demonstrating extreme patience, while we fluff our lines and get confused and take wrong turnings, until that day when we can all stand up in full confidence and say : “Burn Less. Live More.”

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