Remembrance Sunday

With so many facts and figures swirling around, it’s sometimes hard to recall the important things, pin them down and make a rational argument out of them.

One thing for Remembrance Sunday, something to remember in future : warfare creates Carbon Emissions :-

“The scientific evidence that Homo sapiens is causing unprecedented environmental change is now compelling (MEA 2003). Among human activities, war is common, almost constant, and sweeping in its ecological impact. There have been 122 armed conflicts around the world in the past 17 years, and 163 of 192 countries currently maintain regular armed forces (Majeed 2004, Harbom and Wallensteen 2007). War preparations alone utilize up to 15 million square kilometers (kmĀ²) of land, account for 6% of all raw material consumption, and produce as much as 10% of global carbon emissions annually (Bidlack 1996, Biswas 2000, Majeed 2004).”

I didn’t get my white poppy this year because of the problems with the postal service. I did however fashion one myself out of a Haig poppy and a paper serviette napkin :-

Turn warplanes into wind turbines. Turn the defence industry over to manufacturing concentrated solar power plant.

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