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Carbon Rationing : Energy Rights

The long drawn-out journey towards the inevitable policy of Carbon Rationing took another step closer to sanity with the pronouncements of the good Lord Smith of the Environment Agency.

If we are to guarantee Human Rights for everyone, we have to assert the right to access to Energy for everyone. The only way to do that, given a Carbon-constrained world is to agree on fair shares, and ration power : parcelling the goodness out equitably.

“From The Times : November 9, 2009 : Carbon ration account for all proposed by Environment Agency : If people used up their yearly ration early, they would have to buy extra from those who had not used their full allowance : Ben Webster, Environment Editor.”

“Everyone should be given an annual carbon ration and face financial penalties if they exceed it, under a proposal by the Environment Agency. Lord Smith of Finsbury, the agency’s chairman, will say today that rationing is the fairest and most effective way of meeting Britain’s legally binding targets for cutting greenhouse gas emissions.”

“People would be given a “carbon account” and a unique number that they would have to submit when making purchases of carbon-intensive items such as petrol, electricity or airline tickets. As with a bank account, people would receive statements showing the carbon weight of each purchase and how much of their ration remained. If they used up their ration within a year, they would have to buy extra credits from those who had not used their full allowance…”

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