Nuclear Nuisance Nuclear Shambles

The Return of the Nuclear Begging Bowl

There are rumours in the last 48 hours of 2 new Nuclear Power stations being fast-tracked in the United Kingdom :-

They won’t be built without subsidies. Expect a generous handout announcment in…November, probably.

But will the G20 eventually agree to drop subsidies for Nuclear Power, just as they have put a timescale in place to drop subsidies for Fossil Fuels ?

And will the subsidies for new Nuclear be illegal ? They will certainly be challenged :-

Let’s face a few facts here : an Energy Policy based on Fossil Fuels and Nuclear Fission Power is not only likely to cost a lot more in the near future, but be totally unsustainable (even with Carbon Capture for “clean” Coal).

Only Renewable Energy has the value going forward. In the mid- to long-term, only Renewables will be able to create the kind of returns that investors seek (that’s assuming the Economy survives that long).

The fuel costs for Renewable Energies is pretty much zero, now and forever. That gives Renewables quite an edge compared to the “traditional” Fossil Fuels and Nuclear.

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