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Claverton Energy Conference 8

The Claverton Energy Group will be holding its 8th Conference from 23rd to 25th October 2009 at the headquarters of Wessex Water, Claverton Down in Bath, England.

Advances in Energy technologies old and new will be presented amongst a wide-ranging and influential forum of engineers. The focus, as ever, will be the development of new infrastructure, within the context of the urgent need to de-Carbonise Energy supply.

Notes on Claverton

The Claverton Energy Group is a community of over 300 independent Energy professionals, experts in their fields. Claverton Energy Group are assembling a library of energy facts for media and educational use in the Climate Change and Energy security debates. Claverton Energy Group holds regular networking events, and facilitates the business and academic interests of its members.

Claverton Statement

“1. The urgent challenge facing the UK is to devise a flexible forward looking strategy for energy delivery and consumption that is sustainable for the indefinite future. Our need is to use available resources to achieve a maximum reduction in GHG emissions per pound Sterling invested (in terms of £ per tonne of CO2-equiv. GHG saved) and to prepare for a future when oil and natural gas are progressively becoming scarcer and prone to political interference. This requires a combination of innovation and deep understanding of how to make what looks attractive in theory also possible in practice, also experience of technological progress abroad.”

“2. We believe the issues of Climate Change, energy security, Peak Oil are so pressing and urgent that radical measures are necessary and that present government policies are woefully inadequate. In particular we are extremely concerned that there is a real chance of power shortages in the UK from around 2015 unless rapid investment in the appropriate technology is carried out urgently. This is primarily due to an foolish reliance on imported gas which may be in short supply, and the closure of obsolete coal fired power stations.”

“3. We need to examine critically the current and future mechanisms by which we produce, convert, distribute and consume all energy carriers, including heat, electricity and fuels.”

Conference History

These now legendary weekend meetings, kindly hosted by Wessex Water, are a great way to meet people who really know what is going on in the Energy world, hear expert speakers, and make strategically useful business contacts. Claverton now have a number of corporate sponsors, and a number of high net worth individuals who will be attending, looking for good projects to invest in.


The Claverton Conference will be held at Wessex Water’s Headquarters, the Operations Centre, Claverton Down Bath, BA2 7WW

Venue telephone : 01225 526000


The Conferences are centred on presentations of the latest in Energy engineering, but they are also an excellent opportunity to network. Please come prepared to promote your knowledge or business : feel free to bring a poster and/or a handout that is unashamedly commercial, or offer to give a talk. Talks must be technical or economic, but always factual – that is – not sales waffle.


Friday 23rd October 2009
18:00 6pm evening meal with brief introductory session

Saturday 24th October 2009
10:00 – 17:00 5pm conference sessions followed by evening meal

Sunday 25th October 2009
10:00 – 16:00 4pm conference sessions

Provisional Programme
There will be about 25 speakers in all.

Dave Andrews, DAEC :-
“Use of diesel generators as Short Term Operating Reserve for National Grid”

Dr Dave Toke, University of Birmingham :-
“Why local council renewables targets should be supported”

Professor Dave Elliott, formerly of Open University :-
“Summary of costs of various electricity sources – renewable and non renewable”

Bernard Quigg, Electrical Engineer :-
“Distribution and transmission costs – are the DNOs ripping you off?”

Andrew Smith, London Analytics :-
“Transport & carbon a presentation on the big picture stuff – Britain’s renewable resources – the theoretical potential, extending this paper on offshore wind resource.”

John Hartley, Angel Partners

Robert Webb, Claverton Group :-
“Claverton2.0 – how an energy experts network can best contribute to achieving a swift decarbonisation of the energy system?”

George Wallis, Deasil Energy :-
“Personal transport presentation – Relative economics of hydrogen and battery powered vehicles”

Richard Hellen, Hermes Energy Services :-
“1. RETScreen Clean Energy Assessment Software – Case Study and A Claverton Challenge”
“2. Sustainable Energy Developments in the Bristol Area”

Sally Barrett-Williams, Ocean Electric Power :-
“Energy – the legal brief”

Chris Bale, CEO Ocean Electric Power :-
“The Future for Marine Power”

Andrew Sharp, Portman Property, Land agent :-
“Finding sites for wind farms UK and abroad”

Utility Week journalist (to be confirmed)

Chris Hodrien, Claverton Group :-
“Carbon capture and Storage”

Biomass Power Ltd :-
“Costs, performance and scope of biomass (wood) power plant 2-80 MW”

Hereford Energy :-
“Gas engined power stations 2-50 MWe”

John Baldwin, CNG Services :-
“Gas expander generation”

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