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A Subsidy By Any Other Name

There’s the real world. And then there’s “Daily Telegraph world”, a fantasy mindscape, it seems to me.

In yet another piece that seems to be written for the sole purpose of attacking wind power, massaged in under the banner of standing up for the fuel poor :-

is this outstanding piece of reporting about Atomic Energy in the United Kingdom :-

“Nuclear, by contrast, is unsubsidised.”

Now, call me picky, but all it takes is a brief history of time to discount this theory.

What about all the “re-financing” of British Energy that happened a few years ago ?

And, more to the point, what about all that taxpayer money that will be given to the Nuclear Power Generators to clean up the radioactive waste ?

Billions of subsidy, effectively. Or “bailout”. Or “rescue”. Or “stimulus package”. Whatever term you care to choose, the net result is the same. Public money poured into the open mouth of the privatised Nuclear Power industry. With no hope of return.

I do wish the Daily Telegraph editors would fact check before allowing hack “slaves” to squander trust.

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