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The State of the World Forum, having met in Belo Horizonte this week, is pitching for 80% cuts in Carbon Dioxide by 2020, not 2050, and besides launching a “2020 Climate Leadership” campaign, they are to use the services of Brazil’s largest TV station Globo TV to raise awareness.

World Forum: Cut CO2 80% by 2020, not 2050

Posted on: Monday, 3 August 2009, 19:17 CDT

Greenhouse gases must be cut 80 percent by 2020, not by 2050 as U.N. countries propose, to preserve life as we know it, the head of a global conference said.

“If we don’t completely rethink and radically accelerate the plans to reverse global warming, we will, in all likelihood, create catastrophic climate change in our lifetime,” State of the World Forum President Jim Garrison said Monday, the day before the independent international organization begins a four-day conference in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, to develop “climate leadership.”

Right now, the United States and other countries participating in the Dec. 7-18 U.N. climate talks in Copenhagen propose carbon reductions of 80 percent by 2050.

But they’re “negotiating as if the world has another 40 years to solve global warming,” Garrison said.

By 2050, global temperatures will have risen at least 4 degrees Celsius, or 7.2 degrees Fahrenheit, and carbon concentrations will have reached an “absolutely devastating” 600 parts per million, Garrison said, citing a recent Massachusetts Institute of Technology study.

“Think about what this means,” he said.

By 2050, “the magnitude of climate change will force millions, if not billions, of people into what are now Canada, Scandinavia and Russia, which under most scenarios will become more temperate,” he said. “Just imagine the political, military, cultural and humanitarian implications of this.”,,GIM1098535-7823-OS+PROJETOS+INGLESES+PARA+O+MEIO+AMBIENTE,00.html

“Quinta-feira, 06/08/2009 : Entrevista com o ministro de Energia e Mudanças Climáticas do Reino Unido, Ed Miliband. Em pauta, o plano britânico de redução das emissões de carbono e as negociações para acordos de proteção.”


2020 Climate Leadership Campaign

The urgency of global warming mandates that each and every one of us become climate leaders. For the first time in our lives, indeed for the first time in history, all of us must take responsibility for our climate, whether at the individual, community, company, institution, state, or national level. We are all responsible for global warming. We must all share in the leadership required to solve it, for nothing less than the fate of human civilization is at stake. The crisis is that stark, the choice is that clear, the leadership required is that urgent.

If we rise to this challenge, if we take climate leadership, we will generate climate prosperity because it is precisely our capacity to solve our greatest crisis that affords us our greatest opportunities for growth within the context of sustainability and alignment with natural systems.

Our 2020 Climate Leadership Campaign has a number of components. All these themes are integral to our 2020 Climate Leadership Campaign and constitute what we consider to be essential aspects of leadership on the issue of climate change

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