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Pizza Drop

What’s the opposite of a negative “anti-” protest against Fossil Fuels ? Why, it’s a negative “anti-” protest against losing jobs in Renewable Energy, with the best positive intentions.

The assortment of folks occupying the Vestas manufactory in Newport on the Isle of Wight are struggling to make a positive contribution to the future of British green collar jobs.

Alas, their sustainable and forward-thinking plan has met with summary dismissal – sackings by letters slipped under their pizzas in a delivery drop – according to the Press. The ultimate in snide micro-management.

Yes, we know Vestas is a multinational corporation and has all the WTO rights to trade and produce and vend where it will, but Britain needs green Energy, made at home.

Why can’t Vestas be persuaded to stay on their Island home ? Why can’t Britain lead in clean, green Carbon-free power ?

More to the rubbing point : why can’t Ed Miliband nationalise that part of the Vestas wind turbine business resident in the United Kingdom – keeping jobs, skills and production capacity right here at home where we need it ?

We’ve got an uphill battle to plant turbines to meet our Renewables target by 2020. We need a national industry to match our national duty to sustainable Energy.

Wind Power is fast to grid and swift to payback. High levels of wind can be integrated into the National Grid with care and attention, and it can be done before Coal ever comes anywhere near being “clean”.

Wind Power doesn’t have the “long tail” of waste disposal that Nuclear Power has – nor the “long lead time” to complete installations.

100% British Wind Power. Yes Please !

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Spot on, rather than bailing out banks we should have given the money to unis to research wind power and other associated techs. This would have created jobs and given the UK a head start in what will become a very competitive industry. This could have provided jobs and income for UK PLC for many years to come. A missed oppurtunity if you ask me.

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