Carbon Capture Climate Change Technological Sideshow

An Essential Holiday Read

Ah yes, time to pack up your trusty, dusty suitcase and head for the beach.

I hope you’re not thinking of flying.

And I trust you’ll take with you the Synthesis Report from the Copenhagen Climate Change science conference that took place between 10th to 12th March 2009 :-

This is an utterly terrifying blockbuster that will have you gripping your seat in panic.

Expect to sweat as you turn the pages and digest the deadly narrative, hear the characters talk about their pain, take in the menacing charts.

If time is of the essence, which it is, we need to have a global deal on Climate Change with immediate effect.

We do not have time to wait for new Nuclear Power. We cannot dawdle waiting for demonstrations of Carbon Capture and Storage. We must skirt all planning obstacles for Renewable Energy infrastructure. We should not be forced to wait for yet another Government consultation, or another high-level conference.

Ditch Coal. Don’t pin your hopes on new Nuclear. Carbon Capture is out of reach. Geoengineering is a distant unknowable dream. Nuclear Fusion Power is just not going to happen. We just don’t have the time for big engineering proposals. They will take to long to turn up.

Start national Energy-Saving, Insulation and Green Energy schemes backed with bailout money that the Banks are now so keen to pay back.

Finance public transport, Solar Energy, Wind Power. Small and large-scale. Everywhere, for everybody. You can start in the morning.

Don’t let arguments over Carbon Pricing, Carbon Trading, Carbon Offsetting, Carbon Taxation and Carbon Markets stop us getting an international commitment to make Carbon Energy cuts in all nations, starting tonight, not at the UN Climate Talks in December.

Now’s the time to stop buying products sourced from Rainforest destruction : wood, pulp, toilet paper, soya-fed beef, palm oil, biofuels…

Don’t wait to take action. We really don’t have time for any delay.

Stop buying the Rainforest Deforestation.

Stop burning Carbon Energy now.

If I have to hear any more urgency without seeing any concrete actions on the back of sound decisions, I think I’m going to scream.

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