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Winning Advice #2 : Shop by Bicycle

The best way to halt Global Warming in its tracks is to “soften” the volume of international trade.

The Recession has done a fine job in securing just that aim, but if the fabled “green shoots of recovery” are just around the corner/mountain, then we will need pragmatic approaches to keeping trade in its place, lying flat in the dog basket.

How about shopping by bicycle ? Even with suitable trailer or bags you can’t cart as much stuff about, and that will have a definite impact on your consumption levels.

It will also encourage innovative and imaginative ways to acquire the bigger things you do eventually justify needing. Van sharing, and man-and-van sharing, might well be the vogue of the future.

In fact, I need a man (or a woman) with a small van right now, for picking up some digestate/compost (commonly as “muck”). Now, where can I find someone in my community to help… ? And can I “incentivise” them, (to use a term from economics), with food instead of money ?

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