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New Scientist : The Process to End Car Advertising

I couldn’t believe it : the New Scientist magazine in my hands didn’t have a car advertisement on the back cover, on the inside cover, or opposite the editorial !

It didn’t have a car ad on any of the first dozen or so pages, so I decided to check the rest of the mag. I flicked through the pages of Issue 2704 thinking, “Amazing ! No car adverts !”

All was not entirely perfect however. On page 21 there was an “Advertising Feature” for the most ridiculous gaz guzzlers around, the Jaguars.

But there were no adverts at all for flights or foreign destinations, and no adverts for large pieces of electronic gadgetry. Quite a remarkable Low Carbon content.

But this was still progress. What had stopped the car advertising ? And why had it taken so long ? Was it literally the slowdown in the car sales market taking advertising revenue out of smaller publications ?

Was it because the advertorial staff had decided to shift out of Carbon-intensive advertising to accord with the magazine’s editorial stance on the Low Carbon future ?

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