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Lifeboat Britain – Tortilla Curtain

At first glance the two news articles seem to be about completely different subjects, but I can assure you they are both about Climate Migration.

The Observer, in a two page spread, complete with photographs of schoolchildren, outlines that Britain’s population is set to rise, as drought sets in, in different places of the World, and the heat picks up.

Britain, because of its historical global interference during its Empire days, will be assumed to be responsible for accepting a wide range of Climate Refugees.

London is a highly mixed urban area, and under European and British legislation and social policy there has been a strong move towards integration, equality of access and provision to new citizens. This is good preparation for what is to come.

Don’t ask where or how the new housing will be built – but you can bet it will have to be Zero Carbon – and probably look a little like a Climate Camp.

The Guardian a few days later reports on the Americans redoubling their efforts to keep the dirty, savage, drug-ridden Mexicans at bay. This attempt to fortify the “Tortilla Curtain” is ostensibly about keeping back the tide of drugs and violence, but think a little harder and you will see it is also a story about Climate Stress.

Why are the Mexicans turning to illegal activities ? Well, if you read just a little you will find out that the country is suffering from a bunch of disasters, both economic and Climate Change-related.

Food has become very scarce and expensive and there have been riots. The biotechnology companies have even cheekily leveraged this situation and forced through a lifting of the ban on Genetically Modified Maize.

So the new American President Barack Hussein Obama has been told a story about rising drug crime and violence, and he has swallowed the bait, and so he will agree to whatever policy is necessary to protect his people and prevent the nastiness spreading north.

And so it is that the Americans are getting ready to implement a stricter control of the border, for who knows when Climate Change will cause mass attempts at migration ?

“Britain set to become most populous country in EU : Soaring population will force millions to flee water shortages in search of refuge – and, according to new figures, Britain will be one of the world’s ‘lifeboats’. On the eve of a major population conference, Science Editor Robin McKie asks: could the UK cope? Robin McKie, science editor, The Observer, Sunday 22 March 2009 : Britain will become one of the world’s major destinations for immigrants as the world heats up and populations continue to soar. Statistics from the United Nations show that, on average, every year more than 174,000 people will be added to the numbers in the UK and that this trend will continue for the next four decades. By then, only the United States and Canada will be receiving more overseas settlers, says the UN. This increase in British numbers is likely to put considerable strain on the country’s transport, energy and housing, experts warned last week…”

“FBI deployed by US to fight Mexican drug lords : Washington fears carnage will spread across border : Proposals echo battles to control mafia : Ewen MacAskill in Washington, The Guardian, Wednesday 25 March 2009 : The White House yesterday revealed plans for a crime-fighting operation targeting Mexican drug cartels on a scale not seen since the battles against the US mafia. Washington is dispatching more federal agents and equipment to its south-western border with Mexico to target the cartels. Among them are a newly formed FBI unit, to deal with the ringleaders, and treasury officials who will track drug money. An extra 100 customs officers are to be sent to the border within the next 45 days. The moves reflect growing concern in Washington that the carnage in Mexico involving the cartels is in danger of spilling over the border. A White House statement said: “The president is concerned by the increased level of violence, particularly in Ciudad Ju├írez and Tijuana, and the impact that it is having on the communities on both sides of the border.”…”

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