Bait & Switch Big Picture Climate Change

Rising Trend

Here’s a general knowledge test for Climate Change deniers, ahem, self-styled “sceptics” : what does the graph above represent ? Is it global temperatures since 2006 ? Is it upper tropospheric temperatures ? Is it the Northern Hemisphere sea temperature in summer ? What could it be ?

Well, no, actually. If you click on the image you will find out the answer, and it’s definitely a rising trend, regardless of the dips along the way.

Funnily enough, it looks remarkably like the NASA GISS graph since 2006 :-

It’s no good pointing at one cold, snowless Vancouver winter or even one hot New York summer and saying that that determines the trend of global temperatures. You have to sample the data for a longer period, and globallly, and at all heights above the surface, and at all depths in the ocean.