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Letter to James Delingpole (2)

Dear Mr Delingpole,

When I politely enquired of you recently regarding your qualification to pronounce on Climate Change science, I did hope that you would reply to me in a similarly polite manner.

After all, we’re both professionals, in our own ways, aren’t we ? And it would be unsporting to be rude or underhanded, wouldn’t it ?

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Joanne Nova : Whiny Teenager

The Global Warming sceptic-o-sphere is alight with loud complaining again, from one calling herself Joanne Nova.

When I first encountered this name, I was convinced this wasn’t a real person. I now know that there is a real person behind the name, but I still think it’s a made-up one. A stage name. After all, this person was an employee in a travelling theatrical show, ostensibly about science, run by the Shell corporation.

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Jennifer Marohasy : Muddying the Water

Jennifer Marohasy is muddying the water again in Australia, with a piece entitled “Why I am an Anthropogenic Global Warming Sceptic (Part 3)”.

She quotes a disputed work by one, Lawrence Solomon, called “The Deniers: The World Renowned Scientists Who Stood Up Against Global Warming Hysteria, Political Persecution, and Fraud”.

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Letter to The Spectator

Re : Rod Liddle’s science education
To :

Dear The Spectator,

I read with chagrin the following statement from Rod Liddle in a piece entitled “Moonbat” :-

Climate Change Media Non-Science

The Spectator : Playground Bullies ?

Virtually all the world’s nations, a very significant proportion of the world’s science bodies, countless universities, research establishments, and even major oil companies accept the facts of man-made Global Warming.

But that doesn’t stop commentators at The Spectator magazine from not only attacking Climate Change science, but also scientists and writers who are experts in the field. Some could say it makes them look foolish. Or illiterate.