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Letter to The Spectator

Re : Rod Liddle’s science education
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Dear The Spectator,

I read with chagrin the following statement from Rod Liddle in a piece entitled “Moonbat” :-

“…there is no argument, we are not qualified to argue, man-made climate change simply IS, and let there be an end to the debate. It is this very certitude, and the response to critics, which makes me doubtful.”

I should like to know if Rod Liddle can share with me information regarding his scientific training. He must surely have some qualification in science for him to feel confident that he can be doubtful about man-made, or anthropogenic, Global Warming-induced Climate Change.

There is a personal reason why I would like to hear from him on this matter : I am about to embark on a Masters Degree programme in Climate Change Management, and I would like to be sure that I’m not wasting my time and effort.

Perhaps Rod Liddle can help, since he must have considerable knowledge about the science of Climate Change to lead him to such a level of intense frustration where he bursts out with rather ungentlemanly pronouncements about George Monbiot, who has done a number of studies into the physical sciences.

I would be indebted to Rod Liddle if he could spell out for me what erudite knowledge he possesses to be able to reject the sum total of the Global Warming reports from the IPCC, the national science academies of scores of countries, the Royal Society, several large oil companies and the EU.

It seems curious that he appears to have rejected over 100 years of science in favour of what at first sight appears to be merely a gut reaction.

I can’t help wondering if he is merely trying to be contentious. Is it possible that he knows nothing at all ? I dare not think so.

Many thanks for your help,

Ms J. Abbess BSc

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