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The Stoat Also Rises

Image Credit : William Connolley

Some people have all the energy.

William Connolley’s struggle to keep Wikipedia clean on Climate Change has tired me out – and I only dip into the ongoing saga from time to time :-

He must eat oats to have that kind of perpetual momentum :-

The spat at Wikipedia over editing of Climate Change-related material has subsided into a kind of uneasy truce.

Seems like the Climate Change sceptic-deniers just won’t let it lie – they’re recycling their accusations of Connolley all over again. WARNING : What follows may contain gross inaccuracies :-

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Let’s Read the IPCC (1)

If there’s one thing about Climate Change nobody could be able to disagree on, it’s that there’s a huge amount of literature on the subject.

I figure it would be impossible for any one person to have a good grounding in the totality of the Science, spanning, as it does, most of humankind’s discoveries about the physical world.

It would be hard too to have an exceptionally well-rooted understanding even of the Synthesis of the conclusions of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) reports.

A human mind is surely not capable of remembering all the facts and figures and how everything relates. My personal forgettery is quite active in selecting what to drop after not using it for a while, and I’m sure others experience the same thing.

For example, I’m sure Dr Judith Curry, accomplished as she is in Earth Sciences, does not remember the entire field, and does not have the tools to look everything up quickly. Which is why she gives shorthand vague, answers on web logs which annoy other people so much :-

I reckon, though, people should give her a break for a while to let her compose herself, and get over the shock of the Anthony Watts “tribe” eating her heart out with steak knives after she published a proper piece of Science.