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Methane Rising

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Goldilocks and the Melting Arctic

It seems, sadly, that Richard Betts of the UK’s Met Office has fallen for the “Goldilocks Fallacy”. In attempting to dismiss what he sees as alarmist claims, yet prevent sceptics or deniers getting a toehold; trying to steer a safe, middle course on the truth of Global Warming in the Arctic, he appears to have misquoted the evidence :-

Fearmongering may not be the correct response to this patently serious change in the Arctic Sea Ice, in fact, social management should be avoided at all cost; but telling the truth should be paramount, even if that rocks boats.

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Arctic Meltdown : Methane Eruptions

Video Credit : The Guardian

[ PLEASE NOTE : The animation is dated 6th April 2009, so the text in the sub-titles means the year 2008 when it says “last year”. ]

European Winter 2009-2010 is turning out to be a bit parky – best not to go outside unless you can help it (or you’re under the age of 10 and love snowball fights).

However, wintry as it may be in Europe, the Arctic region is experiencing slush-inducing temperatures, and once-frozen sub-sea permafrost is starting to warm up, rot and give off methane. Lots of it :-