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Franny Armstrong Blows Reputation**

In a critical stage of the the battle to win hearts and minds with a massive global campaign, Franny Armstrong has decided to blow up every ounce of credibility she has ever earned** by agreeing to produce what has to be the most repulsive**, sick** little film in the entire universe.

Or not. Depending on whether you find the viral transmission of outrageously disgusting** YouTube movies humourous. Or not.

It’ll certainly get the 10:10 campaign through to people, but maybe not quite in the way she intended.

I’m thinking fatwas**.

So much for decades of trying to convince people that the green movement isn’t all about world domination through domestic fascism and mind control.

Wave goodbye to all that hard work to sell the concept that eco-living is about a shared vision, building bridges and finding common ground – no pressure.

Eco-fascism. It’s right back there on the agenda now, thanks to you, Franny**.

And it’s going to encourage very nasty e-mails. Which we really don’t need.

Oh goody. It’s already attracted enough complaints about violence for you to take it down from the 10:10 website. Good call, I’d say :-

** No relationships were harmed in the making of this post – it’s all intended to be ironic. If you didn’t realise that, sorry, but it should have been really obvious. Franny Armstrong is a fabulous individual, as everybody knows, and the 10:10 campaign is ultra cool. It’s a shame that this mini-movie didn’t work for so many people. We’re all different, and we all have a different sense of humour, and that’s great. Go on, pass the YouTube link on to someone and start a conversation. No pressure.

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Heathrow : John McDonnell Signals Revolution

The UK Labour Party Member of Parliament for Hayes and Harlington chews down on the Climate Change Committee’s report that effectively allows the expansion of Heathrow Airport, where a Third Runway is planned.

He projects mass revolt.

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A Tale of Two Rivers

My August Bank Holiday weekend camp of choice was Greenbelt this year, as I had been invited to contribute to a workshop on campaign activism entitled “Hatching a plot” :-