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Solar FIT to Bust #9

The feed-in tariff proposals made by the UK Government Department of Energy and Climate Change would only add £6.00 a year to household bills by 2020.

By comparison, the cost of supporting nuclear power through a carbon price floor and other measures could cost each home energy bill payer something of the order of £60.00 a year.

Which, I ask you, offers the better value ? And will the UK Government double the Feed-in Tariff Budget, and slow down the reduction in solar photovoltaic FiT payments ?

Besides wind farm development, solar microgeneration development appears to be the fastest-growing electricity generation resource in the UK. The amounts that are required from the public finances to support it are minuscule compared to the grand schemes of carbon pricing and other contract-based measures to encourage investment in large, centralised low carbon power plants.

It’s a bitter truth, but carbon pricing won’t stop the burning of coal for power generation. Pricing carbon will only benefit already existing nuclear power plants – it won’t stimulate energy companies to build new ones. Only renewable electricity generation can displace the emissions from burning coal.

Any pragmatist would conclude – let’s go with solar and wind ! And let’s keep the incentives that are working !

Ask your democratic representative, a Member of the UK Parliament, to support the current levels of solar electric feed-in tariff : 0207 219 3000. The debate starts at 4pm today :-

2 replies on “Solar FIT to Bust #9”

You call for “incentives” paid for by the taxpayer whilst the climate alarmist scam falls apart.

Climategate II is serious and damning.

What is more the MSM are aware of the scam now.

Watch that space Jo – your past spins have caught you out.

You reap what you sow

Reap what you sow.

£6 for FIT v £60 for nuclear.

At least I would be getting heaps of lovely KWH for my money instead of giving it to “Call me Dave” Camerons father-in-law.

FIT should be slashed to £0.00 ~ then we can start to charge the “renewable” (every 10 years” providers to remove the (NO) wind generators that cost each household £20 per year to keep Coal/Gas stations “ticking” over for those non-windy days when the (NO) wind generators are producing [violent term removed] all!

Don’t even get me started on solar ~ it’s worse than burning money to stay warm!

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