Solar Sunrise

Bring Me Sunshine

I went to the House of Commons today, to green card my Member of Parliament. I wanted to ask for his support in the forthcoming debate on how the solar power industry should be grown.

I didn’t get to meet my MP, but I did meet a number of lovely, interesting people working to bring low carbon power to the UK, such as the guys from TG Solar – who appear in the photograph here.

I met Nick Pascoe from Orta Solar, who’s had to lay off a number of people this year, due to a succession of changes in policy on solar photovoltaic power deployment.

I shook the hand of Howard Johns of Southern Solar, who is a bit of a phenomenon amongst the Twitterati.

I saw engineers from Joju Solar, SolarCentury, Plug into the Sun from the South West, and quite a few more companies, with some staff in green hard hats – the symbol of the Green New Deal.

Several hundred extremely well-behaved professional engineers pleading for the necessary state support to bring solar power to the people.

In the central lobby at Westminster, I started to sing a little song to myself, and I think somebody, somewhere, should do a cover on YouTube. You see, we want solar power, and there has to be consistent Government policy to bring solar power to the country.

Maybe we need to sing and dance to make it happen. Strictly come Solar ? Bring me sunshine.

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