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The Problem of Powerlessness

Yesterday, after months of being hounded, both literally and politically, an elderly statesman in North Africa was cornered, cowering in a concrete drain, and executed.

Somebody, somewhere, in the global authority structure that we have, decided that he had to go, and pursued him through the world’s media channels, and armed his opponents, after arming his regime, provoking a civil war, with inevitable, almost scripted, results.

Cast as a bad person, a mad person, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi’s views and opinions were made to have no value – he was as much a victim of propaganda as weaponry.

The war hawks, the warmongers, the people who use violence to control us, and call it warfare – they’ve achieved their mission aims once more. They have their Christ. And they have their crucifixion. It’s like the massacre of Osama bin Laden all over again. And overall, the narrative was more cruci-fiction than cruci-fact.

It’s not a War on Terror any more, it’s a War on Tenure. If you’re a national leader, anywhere in the world, who doesn’t do what the global expropriation community want you to do, well, then, you should expect to be drubbed, dissed, dismissed, debunked, ducked, and quite possibly murdered. The so-called West want to continue to have cheap commodities, cheap manufactured goods, low cost minerals and low cost energy, and if you block that agenda, you stand to lose a fight you didn’t start.

How is is that the people of the so-called West don’t see the exploitation and coarse-grained management of other countries being conducted in our name ? The mainstream media carries the genetic code, the narratives and the framing, that replicate in your mind. All that the powers-that-be need to do is invent a narrative, push it on all channels of communication, and devise a mechanism to make sure the ideas hold.

The arrow of communication needs to embed itself in soft receptive minds – it must be fertile in the public consciousness. The foetus of falsehood needs a placenta through which to feed, and be emmeshed in blood vessels through which it can infect and create contagion. That which must be communicated is a communicandum. That which must be fixed in your view of the world is a fixandum.

Fixandum #1 : It was necessary to establish in the public mind that Colonel Muammar Gaddafi was mad, a “mad dog”, crazy, weird, strange. His progress towards insanity had to be documented, charted, even though the narrative was false.

Fixandum #2 : It was necessary to establish in the public mind that Colonel Muammar Gaddafi was “killing his own people”. There was little on which to base this claim, and the only way to secure this narrative was to prevent the voice of Gaddafi’s regime from entering the mainstream media.

Fixandum #3 : It was necessary to maintain the narrative that those opposing Colonel Muammar Gaddafi were engaged in a struggle for regime change, and that it was their own “democratic” idea to take up arms and fight. This narrative had to obscure the supply of weapons to the Libyan “rebels”, and the decades of arms supplied to Gaddafi’s regime, a supply chain that continued even after the start of the “civil war” began in early 2011. This narrative also had to mask the intervention of the United Nations, and re-interpret NATO’s actions – which were themselves a perversion of the United Nations Security Council resolution.

Fixandum #4 : It was necessary to establish in the minds of the Libyan people that the strategy to remove Colonel Muammar Gaddafi could not be opposed. The “rebels” were encouraged to indulge in, and then enact, sadistic, racist and bloodthirsty fantasies; and supplied with intelligence, arms and tactical training. Disinformation was regularly used in manufacturing situations in the progress of the “civil war” : staged celebratory gatherings, fake captures, false stories. There is even a possibility that foreign agents perpetrated crimes against humanity in Libya and fingered Gaddafi as the culprit. The vast majority of those who originally supported Gaddafi’s regime were eventually convinced to keep quiet.

Unless you have done enough reading, investigation and questioning, you will not have understood the staying power of these concepts, and how they were built on the flimsiest of foundations – or even lies.

Those who would wish to counter this entirely artificial narrative realise that they have no power against it – it is all-pervasive.

Your mind has been plundered, and your values robbed. If you have the sensation that things are not quite clear, that the situation seems a little fabricated and that the true story has its face partially hidden, you could well be correct.

The BBC News 24 had an obituary already prepared, which they rolled even before Gaddafi’s dying blood congealed. They reasserted the official narrative – that Gaddafi had become increasingly strange, that he has been a violent force of repression. You were supposed to hate him, even after his immoral execution.

The newspapers the following day would uniformly convey images of his torn body, his brutal assassination, and repeat the fake story of the Libyan “uprising”. The Sun tabloid newspaper headline would reprise a resurrected grievance and read “That’s for Lockerbie”, unintentionally revealing that is was NATO wot done it, even though it was the “rebels” that actually pulled the trigger.

Meanwhile, back on state propaganda television, underneath the wall-to-wall war pornography, the breaking news tickertape scrolled with some message, I think it was “PRESIDENT OBAMA IS EXPECTED TO MAKE A STATEMENT AT 19:00”.

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Jo, as always, there are two sides (or more) to every story. In a post-colonial country like Libya there have always been those who support and admire the current leader(s) and those who oppose him/them, and are often exiled/disenfranchised/persecuted/imprisoned/tortured/executed/… (and not only in the post-colonial world as Guantanamo and similar perversions demonstrate).
In such a world, you are right, it is very easy to manufacture and then legitimise the ‘information’ needed for regime change and for public execution of those deposed.
The sad fact is that this is not the first (and certainly won’t be the last) time that the West has decided that regime change – or simply social chaos – is in their best interests.
In my lifetime, stretching all the way back to the 1940s, I have seen this repeated over and over again. And always, there is the feeling that one is a helpless bystander, powerless to intervene or even have one’s voice heard without being branded a deviant of some kind, a danger to the West.

Hi Jo

Although I disagree with you about almost everything starting with the global warming scam(presently unravelling) to thorium reactors to a referendum for the UK on remaining in the EU( your arguments sound so patronising) you make up for all of that and more (to me anyway) with your principled stance on Libya.
The above article is a gem, straight from the heart, clear headed and succinct. I will send it to the very few that I know that care what is going on.Most people I know just believe that Gaddhafi was mad or bad or both and got what he had coming to him. They still believe the Locherbie rubbish with all their hearts yet never heard of the Great Man Made River or the great improvement in Libyans lives over the past few decades.

It speaks volumes that there has been hardly a murmur of protest at what has been done in our name, with passive populations fixated on Dancing with the Stars or other dribble, which i am sure is just the way the powers that be like it.

cheers from downunder Ron Mortimer

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