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I Believe in Security

When I offered to host participants to the Rebellious Media Conference, I knew there was a possibility that I might be providing accommodation for people regarded as “domestic extremists” by our dearly beloved and most accurate police and secret security services. So, since I value the security of political activists as much as the security of society, I took a few unusual measures (for me) to ensure the protection of privacy, keep the actual details covert, and permit narratives of decoy scenarios to unfold without challenging them.

Those involved in direct action are committed pacifists, but you’d never know that from the mainstream media. Direct action requires high levels of engagement, knowledge, commitment and cooperation; and yet these highly evolved people are regarded as pond life by the stenographers of the state. I think that repression of protest is partly based on envy that direct actions are so effective in creating public debate; and the irritation that comes from recognising that the mice always seem to be able to evade the cats.

And as it turns out, the Block the Bridge action was highly effective in raising awareness and allowing voices from inside the National Health Service to enter public media. I believe in security – true social and public security, a liveable climate, access to affordable sustainable energy, the continued security of the health service. The United Kingdom should not follow the United States of America into a failed model for public health provision. The Bridge Blockers enabled that message to come to the media stage. Job well done. People fed. Humble lifted high.

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