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We Need To Talk About Delingpole

James Delingpole clearly hasn’t heard of Global Dimming – a phenomenon successfully attributed to airborne particles – usually called “aerosols” in the scientific literature. It was featured in a Horizon programme, I think, which aired on the television several years ago now, in 2007, if I recall correctly, and it’s since been cached in YouTube, and unsurprisingly even has its own Wikipedia page, where I think James could start a proper education :-

At the present, Delingpole seems to think that it’s somehow news that Chinese economic development is connected to increased dirt in the sky, and that this has a temporary dampening effect on Global Warming until the microscopic gritty bits fall out of the air into some unlucky kiddie’s lungs.

Global Warming is a fact, of course, naturally, and is caused by the burning of fossil fuels which leads to an atmospheric accumulation of greenhouse gases – essentially asymmetric gas molecules that have extra modes of vibration and therefore interact more easily with electromagnetic radiation…but I’d hazard that’s already way too technical for poor James.

Here he is at his perpendicular best :-

What ? No Global Warming since 1998 ? Shome mishtake shurely ? I mean all those scientists paid all that money by all those universities and grant bodies and governmental departments and even private enterprise and they can’t even write something that will convince the poor benighted Climate Change sceptics that there really is a warming impact being felt ?

It looks like James may have simply rechurned material from The Register, who I would suggest are batting for the wrong team :-

Where’s your critical thinking, Delingpole ? Can’t think for yourself ? Have you actually read the scientific paper you appear to be mocking, or do you have to rely completely on what other people blather on about ?

Why are you letting them form your views for you ? A lot of the Climate Change sceptic enclave and echo chamber are American, and they have a constitutional right to say anything at all in the world that they want about whatever they like – and this Freedom of Speech has spawned countless conspiracy theories and very strange religious sects and shock jocks and made a laughing stock out of the Republican Party.

Look, it’s like this – when all that nasty icky burned stuff falls out of the sky, because the Chinese economy goes pffuupff, which it will, and they stop burning coal for power because it’s getting more scarce and so more expensive, then the full force of Global Warming will be meted out to us. Because carbon dioxide lasts a very long time up there. And it’s a warming gas.

In the meantime, we have to be “happy” that since around the year 2000, when coal-burning in China really picked up, so many people are suffering asthma and other upper and lower tract respiratory diseases just so we only have a little bit of warming, and not a big heap of it :-

Yes, James, it’s not cooling, it’s not even staying stable – the Earth’s lower atmosphere and surface are still heating up. Let me draw you a diagram. No, better yet, why not look at some other peoples’ diagrams :-

Can’t argue with almost the entire American, British, Australian, Canadian, European, Asian, World’s scientific establishments, can you ?

Well, maybe you think you can, James. But you would be most definitely wrong. You haven’t got an argument. In fact, it seems you don’t even have a clue (*).

(*) But perhaps slightly more of one than Christopher Booker :-

One could say, “it’s the Press Complaints Commission for you, Booker, my son”…or not…there’s little point reporting what one thinks may be poorly-informed opinion pieces about science…The PCC doesn’t even bark, let alone bite…although that could all change some day pretty soon…

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Most of us would rather talk to Delingpole, he tells it like it is, and appears to attract a very high response from his followers, and rightly, too.

Nowe I expect you’ll delete this.

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