Nuclear Nuisance Nuclear Shambles

This week on “planet nuclear”

The nuclear energy industry has had another heady week of high drama and common failings, much to the chagrin of its ideologically fundamentalist backers. Let’s review a few of the headlines…

Ban Ki-Moon says we must expect more nuclear power accidents :-

Tritium leak at Daya :-

Georgia unplanned idling :-

Sellafield leak :-

Leaks in UK – from a leaked report :-

Leak at Torness :-

High radiation near Ohio plant :-

Pushing old plant for all it’s worth :-

Questions about Indian Point :-

Questions about re-licensing Pilgrim :-

Weeds growing in the outflow at Salem :-

Oops ! at Cooper Nuclear Station :-

Safe and smart ? Fire caused by an electrical fault at Trawsfynydd, in Wales :-

Hamaoka to close due to earthquake risk :-

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