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You Won’t Sue The Children of the Revolution

I’m not a litigious sort, but I think I’m justified in getting a bit peeved if people report me inaccurately. And an apology would be nice, too.

So, Peter Sissons, do you need to humbly beg my forgiveness on bended knee with some nice flowering plants, a voucher for a party of five at a nice vegan restaurant and a donation to my favourite charity ? :-


From: Lucy McGirr, Daily Mail
Sent: 03 February 2011 18:36:06
To: jo abbess

Dear Jo

Please see the below email for your attention from Charles Garside, Assistant Editor.

With best regards

Lucy McGirr
PA to Charles Garside
Assistant Editor, Daily Mail


Dear Ms Abbess

You will understand that the article we published is from Peter Sissons’ new book, which was published on 2 February.

Perhaps you need to contact him at his publisher Biteback Publishing.

I note that you do not offer a statement on what you say is wrong with his recollection, however as you will see, we have already appended a short letter from Roger Harrabin to the article.

If you would like to offer a short statement of your own, we would consider adding that subject to the Editor’s agreement.

Yours sincerely

Charles A Garside
Assistant Editor


Dear Lucy,

Thank you for your response to my request for a minor correction.

I received another response from the Daily Mail to which I have already replied and published here, and you may edit the information at this link as being a personal response from me to your original article :-

I consider the original Daily Mail article published online to be inaccurate. If Peter Sissons has included the story of my correspondence with Roger Harrabin in his book in the way it was reported in your online article, it is unfortunate and unhelpful that he did not fully research it before publication.

I assume you have the contact details for Biteback Publishing, in which case I would be grateful to hear from you how I may get in touch with them to request clarification of the actual content of the book, if it contains information or reports about me.

I may reasonably expect them to offer an errata slip in each book, I suppose, and I’d quite happily co-write one with Roger Harrabin if he wishes.


Ms J. Abbess


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