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Daily Exasperation

Scan Credit : Andrew Milligan

It appears that the editors of the Daily Express newspaper delight in selling units by being scandalously annoying.


Reads the line underneath the photograph of a posh Scottish gent in his snow-covered posh Scottish car (but probably made in Germany).

Inside on Page 6, we read, “Snow chaos…with worse to come”.

At the bottom of Page 6, just beside “ENERGY BILLS FACE HIKE”, with myths about the “cold snap” forcing prices upwards, we find, “But scientists claim world is ‘too warm'”

Indeed they do :-

“When could global warming reach 4°C ?”

The diagram shows a projection of global warming relative to the pre-industrial average for the emissions scenario we are currently following. The darker shading around the central line are the first statistical “standard deviation” range of uncertainty. The lighter shading shows the change in the uncertainty range when “carbon cycle climate feedbacks” are included.

Here’s what Joe Romm has to say about the research article :-

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The Campaign Against Climate Change are running out of money…

Perhaps showin how little the General Public believe the CAGW delusion…

From the Guardian – Ahead of the Campaign Against Climate Change’s march in the snow tomorrow…..

Phil Thornill – Founder/National Co-ordinator.
And he’s worried about his organisation, Campaign Against Climate Change, which is, he says frankly, “running out of money massively. I’m exhausted, we’ve been running on risible funds for years now, and to be honest I don’t know what we’re going to do.”

Given CACC’s position as one of the very first groups campaigning straightforwardly on climate change, it is indeed worrying that they, sitting in the middle of the campaign spectrum from conservative to radical, should be going bust.

Make an interesting read.

the comments are interesting

“a posh Scottish gent in his snow-covered posh Scottish car (but probably made in Germany)”

Do I detect a little class envy? Goes with the global warming alarmist territory, I suppose.


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