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Stay, David, Stay !

Video Credit : Russia Today : 24 September 2010

The timing was critical.

Just before the election of the new Labour Party leader, there was a media buzz concerning suspicion that David Miliband might have been personally implicated in decisions regarding interrogation involving torture practice in foreign countries.

What surprised several commentators was that this was not news. An enquiry was announced by David Cameron in July, and new guidance was issued (which human rights groups have challenged).

The timing of this upsurge of “watercooler debate” was striking in that it was so close to the Labour Party’s hour of decision :-

It appears that David Miliband may have been tripped up once again.

The introspection into “what David said to Harriet” adds further weight to the idea that there is an ongoing deliberate attempt to shift him out of power altogether :-
“…He also said he did not believe his comments would have angered or suprised his brother David: “I don’t think he is infuriated at all, because we had lots of leadership debates or hustings during this campaign where we had, and showed we had, different views on Iraq.”…”

Stay, David, stay !

I can picture it now – the Fabulous Miliband Brothers and their Flying Optimistic Circus entering Number 10 as Leader and Deputy in a few short years’ time.

It’s time for the media, and other players, to stop tripping David up, and let the Labour Party get on with the process of forming a functioning Government-in-waiting.

David needs some guidance on gaffe-avoidance, but he can learn.

I’m sure he’d never personally hurt not even a fly with broken wings, so surely his alleged involvement in the torture allegations is due to his innocence rather than any supposed malignancy or incompetence ?

We’ve got Climate Change to tackle – an international problem, requiring all hands on deck. Good communication is essential, and there’s very good communication between the politically adept Miliband brothers.

Ed, he’s not a liability, he’s your very competent and smart brother ! You’re smarter together !

Stay, David, stay !

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