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Should Have Been Diane

Really, it should have been Diane Abbott who was elected to lead the Labour Party of Great Britain. She’s forthright, outspoken, gives good telly, and shows us that the central political battleground is rather like a kindergarten of cloned, spoiled infants, all vying for, and whining over, needlessly, one brightly-coloured soft toy covered in lickspittle and Asian flu variants.

Why do the top politicians all have to wear standard office suits, I ask you, with monochromatic ties ? Why do they all have to have short hair and be shaved and male and white, or if not white, then hail from an ex-colony ? Is it that the rich dodderers who actually run the country from their slick, corporate lobbying offices feel more comfortable if there’s a white, beardless man at the helm ?

I can imagine it now, in spit-waxed, leather-armchair, illegally smoke-filled lounges, “Oh, that chap Ed Miliband – he’s one of us, don’t you know. Slightly exotic political family background, but he’s a proper gentleman, knows how to use a handkerchief when he catches a nasty cold, and wear cufflinks, and knew he should frown frostily, patronisingly, even perhaps slightly nauseatedly at Gordon Brown, the day he left office. Excellently phlegmatic – just what we need to serve the purposes of the country’s rich. Don’t listen to that blather about the unions, he isn’t red. Ed’s our man. He’s quite open to big industrial lobbying. We just need to get his party resurrected to power.”

Here’s Diane on Climate Change recently, before the election, and what a fantastic, refreshing contrast she is to the old school :-

Q. “Do you think the UK financial sector should pay more in taxation to prevent cuts in public services at home and pay for development and climate change projects abroad?”

A. “I’m a big supporter of the financial transactions tax, and its gaining support amongst European governments and in American politics, although the administration has yet to sign of for it. I think that a Robin Hood Tax would serve a number of useful functions. First of all, it might take some of the heat out of the financial bubble, Secondly it would raise money for worth while causes like development. And thirdly, some of the money could go to fill the gap in the budget deficit.”

Q. “Did we do enough in government to make trade fair?”

A. “I think trade, not aid, is the key to giving justice and decent living standards to people in the third world. I think we have to understand what went wrong with Doha, that people just felt it was just opening the door for western multinationals to their countries and it wasn’t an equal negotiation. But I think we have to remember that if Africa, much of Asia and Latin America were to increase their trade by just 1% that would take 128 million people out of poverty.”

Q. “How would you help ensure that world leaders take ambitious action on climate change?”

A. “I think we have to broaden the movement for climate change in this country, and that involves bringing in Diaspora communities, whether from Africa or people who come from small island states, who know what the reality is for climate change for their countries. And we need [to] lead internationally in offering third world countries support and compensation to fight climate change and deal with the effects of climate change.”

As for Ed Miliband’s view of Diane Abbott’s politics, just watch his body language in this husting where Diane Abbott is speaking – he can barely contain his sense of fun ! :-

Well, maybe it’s true. Maybe dyed-in-the-beard union men will always vote for clean-shaven public schoolboys. It’s mostly rotund beer-drinking men that watch svelte, athletic men playing football. Men love watching men, it’s clear.

So, I ask you, apart from Diane, where are the socialist women ? Where are the women in the Labour Party who can talk straight (and talk gay as well, of course, and transgender, transvestite, lesbian, assexual, pre-sexual, post-sexual, gender-altered, sexless and hermaphrodite…and…have I missed anyone ?) ?

And where are the socialist internationals ?

Until we have more people that have migrated directly or partly or second- or third-generationally from Global Warming affected climes in the top ranks, nobody in charge will really understand Climate Change in the UK Government.

Because it’s where you come from, where you know about, where you have family, that determines what you really, deeply, passionately, know about incessant rainfall, drought-affected crop loss, crippling water shortages, regular superfloods and turbulent storms :-

Diane’s parents came from Jamaica, in the Caribbean, as did many other people, invited to provide cheap labour in Britain in the mid-1950s. There are families in London and the other large cities of the United Kingdom, whose relatives are still in the Caribbean, Latin America and Mexico, who know what is happening in Hurricane Alley only too personally.

London’s cabs and taxis are driven by people from around the world – many from Pakistan. You only need to talk to a London Pakistani taxi-driver to know what’s really going on with Climate Change.

It’s people like these that we need in decision-making positions, to have a major, authoritative public voice on Climate Change, I believe.

If you want to see more Diane Abbott videos – just go ogle for her sense, social conscience and her soft, reassuring voice. What power in gentleness ! :-

One reply on “Should Have Been Diane”

Ah yes Diane Abbott the hypocrites hypocrite who defends and supports the Labour Governments continuing vendetta against private education but nevertheless sends her own children to a private school.

Another untrustworthy politician whose motto is “Don’t do what I do but do what I say”

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