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Lords of Timewasting ?

The not-widely-awaited “investigation” into the official inquiries into “Climategate” from the Nigel Lawson “social experiment”, the “Global Warming Policy Foundation”, looks to me rather like a botched piece of cosmetic surgery on first scan.

I’d recommend avoiding it, as it seems to me like a total waste of valuable time, based, as I believe it is, on an obvious absence of leg-shaped support.

I wouldn’t have bothered spending five vacant minutes commenting on it unless I knew my various sceptic readers were standing by, eagerly salivating over tearing me to shreds about any statements I might make.

Lunch, boys ?

If you are a proper Climate Change researcher, unless you’ve got the time and funds and staffing to launch an investigation into how the Climategate Media circus was ever allowed to happen, I’d suggest you avoid entering into any kind of discussion about this latest seemingly vapid wraith of veneer.

I am sure you will detect what looks like irascible sniping from Andrew Montford (as known as “Bishop Hll”) in various newspaper reports that follow on from this outpouring of apparently obsessive introspection into a non-scandal that’s deader than a century-old donkey’s fetid tail.

But nothing will trounce the ultimate truth – Climategate will never breathe another modecule of serious Media oxygen, even if it lives on in rabid obscurity in Internet zombie-blog-land.

One reply on “Lords of Timewasting ?”


I’ve realised I didn’t explain myself very well in the email I sent you about your use of Andrew Montford’s pic on your blog. I wasn’t having a go at you at all: I was just curious about where the pic had come from.

I’m a reporter with two Scottish newspapers and I visited Andrew on a day-off, interviewed him and took some photographs. The paper used a pic of him with the story but it was a different one from the one you had used. The article wasn’t posted on our website so I didn’t think that your pic could have come from that source. I began to wonder if I’d posted it somewhere else on the internet but couldn’t think where. That’s why I asked about it. I’ve now discovered that, in what was a major revamp of our website, the article has gone up with the pic in question.

Anyway, feel free to use it if you want – I don’t want you labelling me as a mean-spirited climate change denier… 😉


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