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Cuccinelli : Want Fries With That ?

Virginia Attorney General Kenneth Cuccinelli appears to be permitted to pursue in the law courts his alleged “witch hunt” of everything liberal, free-thinking, freedom-loving, tolerant and open-minded that ever breathed – just because he can – this time kicking at the pit-props of intellectual freedom in research in Climate Change Science :-

“24 August 2010 : Ruling on global warming professor coming : BY JESSICA M. KARMASEK : CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (Legal Newsline) – A ruling is expected in a week on a demand by Virginia Attorney General Kenneth Cuccinelli that the University of Virginia release research records of a well-known climate change researcher, according to The New York Times. Cuccinelli has demanded that the university produce information relating to grant applications by Michael E. Mann, who the Times calls a “prominent climate scientist.” It was Mann who produced the widely publicized “hockey stick” graph showing a sharp increase in global average temperatures in the industrial age. Mann worked at UVA from 1999-2005 and has since taught at Penn State University. His work was called into question in the investigations into the so-called Climategate scandal following the unauthorized release of hundreds of e-mails from a British climate center last fall. Several investigations, including an extensive review of his research by PSU, have cleared him of academic misconduct. Cuccinelli, a Republican and climate change skeptic, has already sued the federal Environmental Protection Agency to try to prevent it from imposing regulations on carbon dioxide and other climate-altering gases. Now, the attorney general has demanded that UVA release documents relating to Mann’s grant applications at the university. According to an article published in the Times on Tuesday, Cuccinelli suspects Mann may have violated the state’s Fraud Against Taxpayers Act by manipulating data in applications for more than $450,000 in research grants. But Mann and the university contend the attorney general is engaged in a “witch hunt” and is violating both academic freedom and the First Amendment…”

Virginia Attorney General Kenneth Cuccinelli appears to be wasting a lot of the State’s time and money on this derelict non-scandal. One wonders whether the citizens of Virginia will continue to require the services of Cuccinelli in future – if so, would he be reducd to serving in roadside diners at some point in the future just to make a living ?

I suspect that the Global Warming Policy Foundation report into alleged “misconduct” by Climate Change Scientists will be released at about the same time as this ruling. One wonders it the report and the ruling are going to be released together deliberately :-

“Climate Denial Machine lackey Andrew Montford set to lead fake inquiry into the 3 official inquiries that exonerated U.K. scientists of allegations of fraud and misconduct : Posted on August 22, 2010 : Climate sceptics mislead the public over hacked emails inquiry : Previous mistakes mean Andrew Montford is not the right man to lead an inquiry into the UEA climate emails : by Bob Ward, The Guardian, August 19, 2010…”

Who are the Global Warming Policy Foundation ? And why is it that many Scientists apparently disregard the Foundation’s views, some commentators even claiming that the GWPF are “dismissed out of hand” by those with Scientific training ? :-

It’s important to have credentials. And there are some notably well-learned people apparently fully behind the Global Warming Policy Foundation edifice :-

But, who funds the GWPF ? :-

Is this a similar grouping to the people who funded the Renewable Energy Foundation (including popular UK TV game show host Noel Edmonds) – which some claim to be an outfit wedded to the techniques of propaganda ? By setting themselves up as having a position strongly opposed to Wind Power, the REF have, according to some, done great damage to policy development for the transition to a Low Carbon Economy :-

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My Comment Title is: “Abbess: Want CAGW Koolaid With That?”


So if I was to smile at your resplendent post title “Cuccinelli : Want Fries With That ?”

Then would you smile at my counter to you with my comment title “Jo Abbess: Want CAGW Koolaid With That?”

Wow, what an anarchistic rant is your above post. You missed an opportunity for a good hard punching subtitle to your post, like “Jo Abbess: staunch peoples defender of oppressed climate victims everywhere (but mostly just of a poor little Mann) against the evil empire of Lord Cuccinelli’s Virginian Neo-Fascism?” You are funny. I hope to see you in a Josh cartoon coming to a blog near you soon. That would be even funnier.



You need to watch your step a little.

Firstly – you indirectly link to an OLD version of Bob Ward’s Guardian article attacking Andrew Montford. Since then – the Guardian has appended an apology to Montford, and has changed the article including the headline. Also, at the top of the article it has put a link to Montford’s critique of the article – the essence of which is that Ward is attacking a book he clearly has not read properly.

Play fair. Why not include a direct link toi the Guardian article to show the changes, including the link to Montford.

Your suggest that the Virginia court ruling as to whether the University there should cooperate in the Attorney General’s enquiry – and should not refuse to hand over papers – is directly linked to the timing of the release of Mr Montford’s critique of the various whitewashes on ClimateGate. That is truly silly conspiracy theory stuff.

The only way the likes of true “believers” like Jo can bolster their deluded dreams of catastrophic end of the world porn like wishes – is to label every sensible rebuttal of their delusions as some sort of “big oil” inspired conspiracy.

I would suggest that now the truth is out and people are looking at the truth rather than believing that “the scientists have spoken” and that “the debate is over”, that the likes of Jo will get ever more desperate in trying to find a reason why nobody listens to them anymore.

A review of RC for example shows that they no longer are trying to recruit more “believers” – just keep those they already have!

In marked contrast – the likes of BH & WUWT are growing more and more. Quality, peer reviewed articles discussed – in particular re the flawed statistical analysis perpetrated by the “Hockey Stick Team” – in open sensible debate, show to all the reality of the hype, spin and dodgy dossiers that is Catastrophic AGW.

And it is typical that Jo links to the rather desperate first version of Bob Wards article – as the apology to Montford and the subsequent dilution of the bile and vitriol do not sit well with Jo’s version of reality.

Now I am not sure that Virginia Attorney General Kenneth Cuccinelli’s actions are a particularly edifying spectacle, but I will watch the outcome with interest.

Could it be that one of Jo’s small gods will be shown to have diddled the system? I do not know, but the hero worship Jo demonstrates to such flawed individuals is truly odd.

Especially if these god like beings (in Jo’s eyes) have done no wrong.

Jo – be careful what you offer others (fries with that?) – you made be given a plate of humble pie.

Remember Jo…
I think you stand head and shoulders above RealClimate and the Guardian…

As you show all comments…

The Guardian will not allow,anything of mine to appear…

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